Voice Disorders

Having a standard/normal voice is crucial for effective speaking and communication. A voice is produced when air is pushed up from the lungs through the larynx, most commonly referred to as the voice box, and then out the vocal tract, also known as the mouth. Several circumstances and conditions can cause voice problems, including injuries, trauma, acid reflux, upper respiratory infections, laryngeal cancer or neurological diseases. The most common reason for a voice problem is vocal misuse. Most voice problems can be corrected.

Diagnosis and Treatment

We use clinical observation, parent interviews, patient interviews, vocal quality evaluations and physiological evaluations to diagnose a patient’s vocal status. Our speech-language pathologists will create a personalized voice therapy treatment plan that will address each patient’s specific voice needs. Along with a holistic approach to voice therapy, they utilize Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Training (LMRVT) and Vocal Cord Dysfunction Exercises.

  • Voice evaluation/therapy

    Columbus Speech & Hearing Center provides diagnostic and treatment services for individuals of all ages with a variety of voice problems. All diagnostic and therapy sessions are conducted by state licensed Speech-Language Pathologists, certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.


    Diagnostic services are provided for individuals of all ages. Voice referrals are accepted from otolaryngologists, referring speech-language pathologists, psychologists, and individuals. The voice evaluation includes: (1) an initial interview designed to address the specific presenting problem(s); (2) clinical measurement of the voice using objective, acoustic and perceptual techniques; (3) materials and information for optimizing vocal health; and often, (4) a period of trial voice therapy to determine prognosis and goals for therapy.


    Therapy services are provided for individuals of all ages. Treatment sessions are individualized, usually scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Services are provided for individuals with diagnoses such as vocal fold nodules, vocal fold paralysis, tremor, presbyphonia, puberphonia and muscle tension dysphonia.

  • Swallowing evaluation/therapy
    Swallowing disorders are often referred to as dysphagia. If you have difficulty swallowing or experience pain while swallowing, you may have dysphagia. It can occur anywhere along the swallowing tract, which consists of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus and stomach. There are two types of dysphagia: oropharyngeal dysphagia, which occurs before the food reaches the esophagus, and esophageal dysphagia, which occurs in the esophagus.

    While some may experience mild to moderate discomfort while eating and/or drinking, others have so much difficulty eating and drinking that they become malnourished because they cannot consume enough calories. Dysphagia most often occurs in the elderly, but can occur in anyone. Infants and children who have difficulty swallowing may experience many symptoms, including recurrent pneumonia, and lengthy feeding or eating times. In addition, they may spit up or vomit during meals.

    While treatment varies from person to person, our team will work with you individually and your physician to determine the best course of action. Medications sometimes are effective enough to treat dysphagia, while others require more complex and long-term treatment such as surgery and speech therapy.

  • Fluency evaluation/therapy

    When speech's fluidity is interrupted by repetitive sounds, syllables, words or phrases, this condition is known as stuttering. It may also be characterized by a patient's inability to begin speaking a certain word, known as a block.

    Our speech-language pathologists will evaluate the severity and pattern of a patient's stuttering. Each patient's treatment plan is customized to meet his or her needs. Parents of child patients and other family members are coached during treatment sessions on how to implement the therapy goals at home.

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