OT-Demo-1We will establish a treatment plan for you based upon the assessment of your specific condition(s) and your personal goals. We will adjust your treatment to maximize your independence and self-care.

Treatment includes:

  • Customized programs designed to improve your ability to complete daily activities, such as bathing, cooking, dressing, eating, driving and cleaning.
  • Training in the use of special adaptive equipment, which will help you complete everyday activities with ease.
  • If you are experiencing vision or memory loss, we can help you adjust to your surroundings to increase functionality and safety.
  • To regain manual dexterity we can help you work on your fine motor skills.


We will create programs to increase independence in children including sensory processing, motor planning, and participation in the home and community environment.

We will also provide educational resources to help your family members support you at home.

Please contact the office for more information.

Columbus Speech & Hearing Center

  • Columbus Speech & Hearing Center - 2424 Double Churches Rd., Columbus, GA 31909 Phone: 706-324-6112

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