There are several kinds of reading evaluations offered at Columbus Speech and Hearing Center. The type of assessment needed is determined by the type of services being sought and the severity of the problem.

shelley1 Complete Oral and Written Language Evaluation

Reading/ Written Language Assessment: From beginning to end, the assessment usually lasts approximately 3 hours. This will include testing, consultation, and recommendations for parents. The assessment measures the following areas:

  • reading comprehension
  • oral comprehension
  • phonological processing (including phonemic awareness)
  • oral reading (rate, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension)
  • sight word recognition
  • word attack skills
  • spelling
  • vocabulary
  • receptive and expressive language ability
  • rapid naming

Reading Snapshot

If you child is seeking enrichment sessions after school or during the summer a quicker less comprehensive evaluation called a Reading Snapshot may suffice. We encourage you to discuss these options with the scheduler when making your appointment.

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