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Thank you for visiting the website of Columbus Speech & Hearing Center, conveniently located in Columbus, Georgia. We are the Valley's BEST source in providing diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology, speech-language pathology, as well as occupational therapy services. Our dedicated staff works together to provide the highest quality care in a professional, comfortable and nurturing environment.


About the Practice

Dr. Susie Ford began Columbus Speech & Hearing Center in 1978 in a tiny office in midtown Columbus. Over the next 40 years, the center grew from a one-woman practice into the Chattahoochee Valley's leading diagnostic and rehabilitative speech and hearing center, serving thousands of patients. Along the way Dr. Ford has been blessed to work with the finest colleagues imaginable, many of them also dedicating their professional life to CSHC with decades of service, including Andrea Webster and Brandon Glover (13 years), April McFarland and Martha West (21 years), and Gary Waters (36 years).

The office has always operated like a family. In 2008 it literally became a family business, when Dr. Ford's daughter, Dr. Alice Cellino officially joined the practice and began seeing patients. Alice fell in love with the CSHC staff and the patients as a young child. She remembers singing Christmas carols in a nursing home with Gary and Dr. Ford as a little girl, and realized that she wanted to be a part of this profession. Her first jobs were at CSHC, answering phones and filing paperwork, followed by summers as a speech-pathology aide working with children in HeadStart programs, to eventually graduating with her doctorate in audiology and developing CSHC's vestibular/balance programs. Today, you can occasionally see Alice's two children tucked away in her office as she works, just as her mother did nearly 40 years ago. This year, Dr. Ford officially passed the title of Executive Director to Alice, who now oversees executive administration of the center. Dr. Ford continues to see her beloved patients' just two rooms down from Alice.

Comprehensive Care

Our services are provided in a new, state-of-the-art building, designed especially for our patients' comfort. We also have the latest in technological advances to ensure you are receiving superior care for your individual needs. We offer services in three major areas: audiology, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy.

Our audiology services consist of complete diagnostic evaluations, including VNG/Vestibular testing, newborn hearing assessments, ototoxicity monitoring, hearing aid evaluations and fittings. Our audiologists specialize in both pediatrics and adults.

Speech-Language Therapy
Our large, 18 + person staff of Speech-Language Pathologists provides assessments and therapy for a wide range of speech, language and swallowing disorders.

Occupational Therapy
We offer advanced occupational therapy services to enable our patients to engage in activities of daily living with meaning and value. We help to renew, develop, improve, and restore independence to those who have suffered disability due to injury or illness. Our state-of-the-art therapy gym is unique and well equipped to provide an excellent resource in accomplishing OT and PT goals.

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The Latest Technology Is At Our Fingertips

Latest Technology

At Columbus Speech & Hearing Center, we take great pride in providing our patients with the highest quality care by utilizing the most advanced technology available today! We believe our precise combination of knowledge, skill and technology enables us to deliver optimum results.

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