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Voice Disorders

Having a standard/normal voice is crucial for effective speaking and communication. A voice is produced when air is pushed up from the lungs through the larynx, most commonly referred to as the voice box, and then out the vocal tract, also known as the mouth. Several circumstances and conditions can cause voice problems, including injuries, trauma, acid reflux, upper respiratory infections, laryngeal cancer or neurological diseases. The most common reason for a voice problem is vocal misuse, but most voice problems can be corrected.

Diagnosis and Treatment

We use clinical observations, parent interviews, patient interviews, vocal quality evaluations and physiological evaluations to diagnose a patient’s vocal status. Our speech-language pathologists will create a personalized voice therapy treatment plan that will address each patient’s specific voice needs. Along with a holistic approach to voice therapy, they utilize Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Training (LMRVT) and Vocal Function Exercises.