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At Columbus Speech & Hearing Center, our staff members will thoroughly educate each patient and their family on his or her specific communication problems. We greatly emphasize that the patient will achieve the highest level of success if both patient and family actively participate in treatment.

All of our speech-language pathologists will work together as a team to create individualized treatment plans. They will conduct each patient's specified therapy and observe and chart the progress. Our collective team approach ensures that each patient receives the most effective treatment available.

Frequency of treatment sessions depends on each patient's unique needs. If the speech problem is severe, intensive therapy may be recommended. Typically, intensive therapy consists of two or more therapy sessions per work, or more if indicated by our team. As the patient progresses, we will decrease the number of sessions needed.

Our speech-language pathologists are continually learning about the latest treatment options as they stay up-to-date with their licensures and training by completing continuing education courses each year. They use evidence-based therapies that have been proven through research to correct many speech and voice problems.