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Articulation Disorders

As children age, grow and mature, they obtain greater control over their fine motor skills which are necessary to create proper speech sounds. As these skills are developed, children learn to correctly articulate certain sounds and words.

If a child cannot properly formulate and speak a particular sound or word by the expected milestone or age, intervention is usually suggested.

Articulation problems can result from the way a child utilizes his or her lips, tongue, jaws, etc. when speaking. Physical abnormalities can also cause articulation errors. Adults can also suffer from articulation disorders, originating from either untreated or undiagnosed childhood disorders or from another condition, such as an accident, stroke, trauma to the mouth, etc.

Diagnosis and Treatment

We utilize standardized tests, informal testing and observation to assess a patient's articulation skills. Treatment for an articulation disorder depends on the patient's needs and the desired end goal. Our speech-language pathologists will guide patients through practical activities, all tailored to the patient's age. By performing everyday tasks, our pathologists hope to foster patient participation and allow for a natural production of the desired sound or word. It's also critical that the patient practices at home in order to achieve long-lasting success. We strive to give our patients the tools and self-confidence needed to succeed outside of our clinical environment.